An Experience to

In Saudi Arabia

Activities in Saudi Arabia

In collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, The Saudi Cup is delighted to offer a wide range of activities throughout the Obaiya Enclosure for the whole family to enjoy.

Photography Areas

The Saudi Cup is the perfect occasion to dress up and spend time with friends and family.  Embark on a journey through various corners of photography, taking photographs of yourself in your own unique style to commemorate your joyful moments.

Sara Shakeel’s Oasis Gallery

When fantasy meets reality, you will see the earth in a new light; a glittering oasis, glowing dunes, and a picturesque undulating desert landscape; enjoy this combination at the Oasis Gallery by artist Sara Shakeel.

Saudi House

Mud houses are architectural evidence of history, authenticity, and creativity. In “Saudi House,” you will learn about the details of the Najdi architecture in designing houses and their divisions through an interactive experience where you move from one room to another by solving various puzzles.

Fashion Exhibtion

Join us on a fashion show tour featuring unique pieces and designs that reflect the culture and authenticity of Saudi Arabia! This show will be held in collaboration with national talents in the fashion design sector.

Children's Playground

An outdoor playing area for children that combines traditional with modern games and various leisure activities.

Saudi Nature

Discover the regions that reflect the tremendous environmental diversity that characterizes the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through an audiovisual journey along the Kingdom’s topography.

Live Cooking

Rakan Aloraifi is a Saudi chef who will cook dishes inspired by various regions of the Kingdom. In this experience, your table will be turned into a movie screen using visual mapping to tell the story of the regions that served you their dishes.

International Dishes with a Saudi flavor

In collaboration with one of the most prominent Saudi restuarants, this experience allows you to sample authentic Saudi dishes.

Cultural Kitchen

At this event, Chef Mona Moussalli presents you with the tastiest pastries and light meals from elements of Saudi cuisine.

Stage Show

Listen to the music of the Kingdom at the main theater and enjoy live music and folk performances from the different regions of the Kingdom.

The Ministry of Culture Booth

Learn more about the Kingdom’s most prominent regions, heritage, arts, initiatives, activities, and cultural programs that the Ministry of Culture will launch.

The Mayyas

Watch the Mayyas dance crew put on an incredible show inspired by Saudi culture!


Enjoy an exquisite orchestral performance in a unique evening with a modern symphony that blends classic international melodies with authentic Saudi melodies

DJ Bedouin

At the end of our ceremony, we will be joined by DJ Bedouin for a night filled with the most incredible melodies.